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AP Group and Flex connect group


Do all AP's have to be in a AP Group and Flex connect group Cisco controller





Please can you provide further context in relation to your question.


The question is too high level to answer.

We have the AP's in AP Group and Flex connect group but they was giving out IP Address from aremain office but we want the to get the IP Address from the local site the 3 site are working the site in Wisconsin is not work 



Thanks for the information.


Ok, for you to achieve the desired setup you will need to establish the following configuration;


1. Establish a FlexConnect group on the WLC, and add the Ethernet MAC addresses of each of the AP’s in the Wisconsin office.


2. At the Wisconsin office you will need to have two VLANs in place;


 • VLAN X - This VLAN must be able to access the WLC (Layer 3) and will be the NATIVE AP for control traffic used to establish a CATWAP tunnel etc. (e.g. VLAN 100)


Ensure that the IP addresses assigned to the AP’s at Wisconsin are routable and can see the WLC.


 • VLAN Y - This VLAN may be the local Wisconsin network in which you would like the WLAN SSID traffic to be output. This VLAN will be used for locally switching traffic (User Traffic) e.g. (VLAN 150)


3. Set each of the AP’s in Wisconsin to FlexConnect mode.


4. Under the FlexConnect tab on each AP, ensure you set the Native VLAN ID e.g. 100


5. Select VLAN support under the FlexConnect tab on each of the AP’s


6. On the FlexConnect group, map the WLAN to VLAN ID to ensure that all AP’s in the FlexConnect group inherit the WLAN and locally switched (FlexConnect) VLAN ID.


* Ensure both VLANs at Wisconsin have a DHCP service available. When defining the DHCP scope option on VLAN X, you will require to specify an internal domain. The domain selected will require an A record named: CISCO-LWAPP-CONTROLLER. This A record will need to point to the WLC. This is used to enable the AP to associate with the WLC.



M. Wisely

AP's do have to be in an AP Group, by default they will be in the default group.

AP's don't have to be in a Flexconnect Group but if you have AP's in flexconnect mode and you are doing local switching, they are useful. We find that they save time as you can configure native VLAN, VLANs-ACL mapping, WLAN-VLAN mapping and AVC.

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