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AP SSID VLANs have been reset to native VLAN?

We have a pair of Cisco Flex 7500 Series Wireless Controllers in our DCs. We installed a new site with a number of APs. Each AP has a few SSIDs with various VLANs associated. The install went fine and the site has been working. Overnight there was a loss of wireless connectivity at the site and it looks like the SSIDs on the APs in the new site (only) have all been reset to the native VLAN. It is very weird and we aren't too sure what has gone wrong. Does anyone have any idea? Secondly is there a way to push the SSID VLAN configuration out to the APs again from the controller without having to do each one individually again?

Amjad Abdullah

Do the APs joined any other WLC than then original one they are connected to? if that happens that may cause problems with the VLAN mapping.

Maybe your WLC went down and the APs had to join a different one for sometime?

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Rating useful replies is more useful than saying "Thank you"

Thanks, we have discovered a local WLC which was causing problems. It looks like it's resolved now. Thanks for the reply.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru


Take a look at this thread also as I had created a script so you can cut and paste the vlan mappings which make it easy.

Like Amjad mentioned, do you have another wlc in the environment. If so, the WLAN id, AP Groups should all be identical and in the same order if possible. This is also mentioned in the other thread. If you have NCS or Prime, you can push out a template every night or early morning just in case.

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Thanks very much. We'll take a look at your script.

Anytime you have other WLC's that an AP can accidentally join, you will have issues with your vlan mappings especially if the AP Groups and or SSID's are different.  You might want to use ACL's to block upd 5246 & udp 5247 from site x to site y where you have a WLC that the AP shouldn't join.



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Really helpful comment... thanks.

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