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API to create guest user WLC


Hello guys,


In my company have a portal to create a visitant user and set his permissions, in this portal I need to integrate the wifi guest user creation, the question is how I can do, in the old days we created through SNMP but I would like to set under the table of the code an ambassador user and set permissions for him to only create guest users. In resume, the platform will have one field to set a username, password and expiration date beyond the options that already exist today.


Someone has already done this?

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Ric Beeching
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Rising star
This might help...

Using ISE NAC you can setup a sponsor portal where you can have users register as a guest and it emails someone to approve it. That user then receives their credentials via email back to log on to the WiFI. The issue being if a user has no external access via 4G to receive the email credentials it can be cumbersome, plus employees have to approve them. ISE offers a few different variants including a pass through (no auth), and self-register by putting in some required details like a name and email address.

If you don't have ISE or can't use it, then on the WLC you can create a 'guest lobby' account which gives a user the ability to log on to the WLC and it will give them only the guest creation page. On there they can create the guest and provide the details to the user.

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