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Apple Device iOS 11 connectivity problem.

iPad , iPhone with iOS 11 cannot associate to AP.


when i use my ipad and iphone connect to new SSID with authentication OPEN, my devices are disassociate but i use iphone with iOS 10 can connect to SSID normally.


anyone here got this problem with iOS 11 ?


I'm seeing similar issues and have a mixed case as well.


I'm very curious about your findings!

Dear all,


I've have the similar issue too. Anybody can get a conclusion?




Our problem was solved by making the ssid name in all capital letter.

Sorry colleagues for the delayed reply. I have another SSID that has the profile name and SSID in all caps but still the problem persists on my IOS device (iPhone specifically). This does not impact my iPad. One thing to note is that my SSID and Profile name are not the same but they are both in ALL CAPS.

Hi all,


This is my post and my issue is caused by Apple iOS devices. I will summary my issue.


In First post mention this issue


when i use my ipad and iphone connect to new SSID with authen. OPEN,
my devices are disassociated but i use iphone with iOS 10 can connect to SSID normally.



First Test


From my test when i use iOS get dhcp it was disconnected but if i static ip,
it can connect.

Next Test



if I use dhcp server from Switch or Router,
it will connect but use dhcp server from windows server,
it got IP and will be disconnected within 2-3 seconds. what happens about iOS 11 with DHCP server using window server ??



Next Test

I found when iOS11 connect to WiFI, it tried to sent URL: to the internet. If we have to use Proxy Authen. or Web Authen. for authentication before using the Internet then the connection will be dropped.


My Workaround and Test to fix this issue.

1. Bypass on Proxy or Web authen. to the internet. (It works)

2. Create on internal DNS server, When the client resolves will get the ip of the internal DNS server to prevent the traffic of sending out proxy or web authen to the internet. (It works)


3. Static FAKE DNS IP address on iOS Devices to get connection first, (for prevent iOS try to resolve, if iOS can resolve, WiFi will be disconnected) when iOS devices can connect to WiFi then adjust it to auto. but it must be done every time the wifi connection. This method is suitable for use over public wifi. (It works)


static dns.jpg          auto dns.jpg


This is my issue that i got and now this issue has been fixed by upgrade iOS by apple.


Other people in this post may got different problems, different workaround and different solution.


Thanks All

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With these iOS devices its a know issue that they might fail to connect if you use the wrong type of encryption. If your using WPA, then you only need to configure TKIP with that. If using WPA2, then you use AES. Don't use both or mix and match.

If this isn't your issue, then try an open authentication and see if that works.

This issue still persists with me. What I also observed is that while at Cisco Live this year in Orlando, Florida, my iOS device (iPhone 7s Plus) was doing the same thing there on the wireless provided at the conference. It was a sure sign that it is something specific to my iPhone. My Andriod device was not doing this at all.
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