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APs in Flexconnect mode, initial AP group

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We have deployed many Cisco site specific WLAN controllers worldwide.

We are now testing APs in Flexconnect mode at our branches with regional C8510 controllers running One of the issues that we see is that if we deploy a new AP and get it associated with C8510 controller the AP automatically falls under Default AP group and transmits the first couple of SSIDs that are by default enabled in Default AP group. This is not good as we plan to have hundreds of SSIDs configured for many branches and we do not want a new AP to transmit any SSID until it is assigned to site specific AP and Flexconnect groups. We know  the AP can be admin disabled ( or its Radios ) after the first initial procedure and then moved to the right groups but this is a manual process and we want to have something automated in our hands.


Does anyone know if we can get rid of this default behavior?



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Vlad,

I would create my SSIDs with there number starting greater than 16 to fix this. Any SSID which has index higher than 16 doesn't go into default group and hence any new AP which join the WLC will not broadcast that SSID.




Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Ishant,

Thank you. I was already thinking that but because of the other limit - 512 WLANs in total - I did not want to waste the first 16 ones. This is because 512 WLAN limit is quite tight for us as we have many sites and several SSIDs per a site.




I cannot think about any other way.

Why do you require different SSID for each site ? If you are closer to 512 limit, then definitely you will face an issue when your number of branches grow.

In FlexConnect you can have same SSID, still different subnet at each branch.




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Hi Rasilka,


Thank you. It's not about SSIDs, we broadcast the same SSIDs, but is more about WLANs and their settings. We have our specific security and other internal rules, for example we cannot use the same PSK at all sites etc. Some of the WLANs are the same everywhere, but quite many not. That's why I need to differentiate and have many separate WLANs. It is my understanding C8510 is a top box so to be honest 512 WLAN limit quite surprised me. I want to use it up to its maximum before I need to buy another box.



Abhishek Abhishek
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

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