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ASA5506w connected to vWLC

Travis Marzo

I'm having issues connecting the ASA5506w to our WLC. What lightweight image should I be using? I installed the lightweight image of a 702i ap and the BVI interface loses physical connectivity to acquire a dhcp address. I reinstall the autonomous IOS that came with the 5506 and DHCP works. What am I missing? 

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Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Per Table 3 you should be using the 702 image for the AP integrated into the ASA5506W.


But that begs the question of what code is on your WLC as well.


To support the 702 you need to be running a minimum of





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Downloaded the image for a 701e and I'm up and running. BVI interface is now showing as connected and grabbing a DHCP address. 

Did you ever get it to actually talk to your WLC controller? I couldn't get the 702i or 702w LWAPP images to work, but was able to to get the 701e. However using the 701e image, the AP will send a discover request to the controller, and the controller sends a response back to the AP. The AP doesn't appear to get the discovery acknowledgement back, or at least doesn't act on it.


Anyone out there get a 5506w AP to work with a WLC controller? And if so what version WLC are you running (I've been unsucessful on 7.6.130 which is "supposed" to be compatible with the 701i)?

I have it working on a 702I code, and my WLC is, but the bad thing is the Firewall is a European radio but would only connect to my WLC if I enabled US Country regulatory. Also, any idea how to put back the Autonomous code?  There is no option to TFTP in the Lightweight IOS code. 

The only way I found was to boot AP in rommon and recover the AP from there. I don't remember the exact steps but once in rommon, I was able to set an IP address and tftp an image.


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