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Ask the Expert- How to use the Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Analyzer (WLCCA)

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This topic is a chance to discuss more about how to use the Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Analyzer (WLCCA) tool for the remote analysis of wireless networks. 
The WLCCA is a post-sale tool that helps to save time on the analysis of Wireless LAN Controller configuration files. It helps the radio frequency (RF) analysis, which allows problem simplification on the configuration auditions, and on the estimation and adoption of best practices. In this event, you can learn more about how to use WLCCA in order to analyze wireless networks, detect network design issues and configuration issues, evaluate voice deployment, and learn best troubleshooting practices on RF. 


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Ask questions from Tuesday 17th to Friday 27th of April, 2018


Featured Expert

 jacontre.jpgJavier Contreras is a Senior Tech Lead for the Wireless Business Unit in Cisco, with over 2 decades of experience in the IT and networking industry; for the last 13 years he has been focusing on the EMEA region. Previously, he worked at IT Training and Security consulting companies. He has participated and contributed in several projects such as high priority cases of wireless infrastructures, development of wireless CCIE certification and software upgrades maintenance, security/pen tests on wireless, and WLCCA. Javier leads the Wireless Configuration Analyzer tool. He has created over 211 Sev1/2 bugs, 284 sev3 and 90 PSIRT. Javier holds a CCIE Certification in Wireless and Security (10749). 
Javier lives in Barcelona; in his free time he likes to practice Taichi Qunag as a hobby.


Javiero might not be able to answer each question due to the volume expected during this event. Remember that you can continue the conversation on the  Contact Center Community

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khanh nguyen

Dear Cisco Expert,


I have got problem when use Laptop connect to Wireless Lan via AP2802E. Issue happen when we try to connect to GW from LAN or connect to out side.


But when I replaced AP2802E by AP2702E and no issue happen.


We have same configuring to connect both AP model to WLC with same command. 


I don't understand what is problem here and very strange.


We have project to setting many AP in our company but this issue make us delay project.


Pls support this case.


Thank you.

There were issues with the x802’s not passing traffic. Might want to look at this bug id:
Bug ID: CSCvc67005
Severity: (2)
Title: Cisco 2802 AP drops client ARP packets
Updated: 04-Jun-2018 08:11 AM
Product: Cisco Aironet 1850 Series Access Points
Known Affected Releases: 8.2(151.0) 8.3(111.0) 8.5(1.33)
Known Fixed Releases: 8.2(154.7) 8.2(160.0) 8.3(114.45) 8.3(121.0) 8.4(100.0) 8.4(2.62) 8.5(1.58) 8.5(1.91) 8.5(103.0)

client can't pass traffic at all

AP is 2800 or 3800, does not happen on other APs
ARP requests from client are dropped by AP

Client ARP packets are dropped by the AP after successfully serving the client for a period of time

Once the client is not able to pass traffic the only way to recover is fresh auth from the client or roam client to a different AP.


Further Problem Description:

View CSCvc67005 on

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Pls suggest me about this issue. We have two model Cisco AP 2702 & 2802. But when use AP 2802, the packets sometime lost many when ping to GW. This issue not occur on AP2702. Thanks you so much!
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