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Chromebooks connectivity issues


We are currently deploying some Chromebooks and we are facing some connectivity issues on main administrative sites.
Contrary to production areas where low data-rates are enable to cover warehouses and wide spaces. In admin building we have disabled the low data-rates to improve WiFi efficiency.


By using AP2702 in sniffer mode (+5520 running I have been able to highlight that even if low data-rates are disabled and not in the supported data-rares send in the beacon frame Chromebooks are still trying to use those low data-rates to associate to the network. Android, Apple and Windows devices only use data-rates advertise by the Access Point.


It create a bad user experiences, Users are able to see the network not not to connect to it as the Chromebook tell them that the network is "out of range".


Google certified that we are the only customer complaining about this issue.


Is there someone else who is able to see the same behaviour?


Thank you in advance for your help

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Not using any Chromebooks, but I suggest to continue discussing this with Google until they have fixed their firmware.
Devices must not connect to data rates that aren't advertised.

Thank you for your reply,

I don't give up pushing on Google to fix ChromeOS but If I can show them that I am not the only one to have this issue , I am sure it would help.

We recently upgraded to Cisco 9800-L WLC's and are now seeing this type of issue with an SSID that has open authentication.  I know this is an old post, but were you ever able to get this resolved?  We have a mixture of 2802i and 2702i AP's on software.  I too have reported this to Google and they pointed back on our wireless, but as you did I am pushing back on them.  Thanks for any input you may have.

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