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Cisco ISE, EAP self signed certs and iPhones

Hi Guys - I'm a little new to Cisco ISE and looking for guidance. I have two EAP self signed certs for two different ISE servers that I'm using to authenticate wireless user's using PEAP. Everything is working fine but I need to figure out how to man...

latintrpt by Beginner
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AirPrint issue with Ricoh printer

My Ricoh printer cannot be discovered via AirPrint with same SSID.  I'm using WLC 3504 with software version Although the following services under mDNS have been enabled, the mDNS browser show nothing._ipp._tcp.local._ipps._tcp.local._prin...

SamSamy by Beginner
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WLC 5508 FUS upgrade

Hello, I've upgraded our WLC to this weekend and all is good. Cisco then said to do the FUS.  So today I've uploaded 'AIR-CT5500-K9-1-9-0-0-FUS.aes' so we can reboot at the weekend. However when I go to the WLC I see: (Cisco Controller) >sh...

Resolved! Antenna Compatibility Matrix

I am looking for antennas for 3800e APs and am having a hard time confirming which models work with each other. Does the AIR-ANT2524DW-R antenna work with the 3800e series APs?   Thanks!

Set up a AIR-CAP2702E-E-K9

Can anyone tell me if it is possible to setup a AIR-CAP2702E-E-K9 without a wireless LAN controller?  I have been offered a cheap second hand one and was thinking about using it at home.

Cisco Wireless Lan Controller 5520 -

Hi I have fitted a brand new WLC 5520 into the rack, Have a few questions on this. 1, Currently the WLC is just connected to power, I thought that you could were able to console on this like you would on a 5508, Has the console been taken off and you...

Should I change 40Mhz DCCA to 80Mhz DCA?

Hello, Our clients don't get the full speed when on WiFi.  When we check on the WLC most get a Connection Speed of 400 Mbps and a score of 50-66%. When I go to go to wireless tab >> 802.11a/n/ac >> RRM >> DCA the Channel Width is set to 40Mhz.  I rem...

Cisco Mobility Express joining problems

I have always been plagued with Mobility Express issues. Usually my 1852e and 1852i's not ever booting into Mobility Express for some reason.  For some reason now, my new 3802i's won't ever get "into" Mobility Express. And seem to just stay as CAPWAP...

Screen Shot 2019-06-06 at 11.58.45 AM.png
mdow by Beginner
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Resolved! unsupported cisco device (prime 2.2 with wlc 3504)

I have a WLC 3504 v8.5.140 I want to intergrase to the prime 2.2 but it shows me "Cisco device without support" inReachability: marked in green Admin status: managed Last inventory collection: "unsupported cisco device" Why do you show me this messag...

nstr1 by Beginner
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