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Cisco Aironet 1850

Hello Everyone,

I have started my job as an IT admin for a company and on the 1st day i noticed some network issues.

where we have a cisco aironet controller and 8 AP's connected, these are the following issues:


Error 1) cannot update NA SERV CA Certificate gives me an IP error.




Error 2) cannot move or access the info on the popup. 



Error 3) Missing fields on UI for managing the access points on the aironet controller.


the main issues is some of the users are connected to the wifi and they get an error " No Internet" and this is occurring frequently every 1 hour. where they have to restart their laptops and wait 5 mins and reconnect to the wifi  by forgetting the password.


please assist me with your expertise in this area.


Best regards,



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Sandeep Choudhary
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni



Its a browser issue. Try to use mozilla firefox to see the GUI of the WLC/AP.


Regarding issue with NO internet: I would recommend doing a debug client <mac address> and adding that output to the post.



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LJ Gabrillo
Level 5
Level 5

From the looks of your screenshots, it seems you are either using a:

1. Tablet
2. A Monitor with a square aspect ratio (old era monitors)


Use a laptop/modern monitor with a modern browser such as Chrome, Edge or Firefox


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I'm using Google Chrome  and I also used edge and Mozilla.

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