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Cisco AT&T MicroCell Support


Hi, I have a AT&T Microcell that worked at a Location (we are extremely rural and have NO cell service without it) for over a year. Since 1 Mar 2014 it has failed to work, unit was replaced and still won't work at my home.........took the unit to a Location in OKC area and unit activated almost immediately, so unit itself if OK.

Since the implementation Of Phase II of 911 (around 1 Mar 2014) in our area it has failed to work and returns the AT&T error of FTC101 (unable to verify location) and fails to authorize. Since Unit checked good in a dense urban area, the only issue's that could be coming into play are.....My network or IP....OR....the 911 Wireless database AT&T is using is inaccurate.

My IP and I hooked the unit up straight to the internet connection (We are fiber optic all the way to the house) which is a 6 gb down line, more that sufficient for the unit.......I hooked the unit up and the IP IT guy tapped in with his IP sniffer and watched the unit communicate for over 45 minutes with AT&T IP's and Ports they claim it needs to work, in San Antonio, TX and the unit still failed to activate. This hookup was with the unit plugged directly into the internet (with DHCP) with Nothing else, no routers, switches or hubs to go thru. In addition I have an external antenna for the GPS unit (live under a tin roof) to insure a solid satellite connection..have never failed to get a rock solid signal.

AT&T cannot or is not able to access the MicroCell ( a Cisco Built Wireless 3g Router) and pull logs or make any changes. Being extremely rural where I am, the Jack leg that did up the 911 database that I assume AT&T is using (in one way or another) screwed up and failed to account for longitude correction lines every 24 doing so he has "virtually" moved my location 31/2 - 4 mi straight east of my "real" location, and refuse's to admit that he made an error.

So Far I have failed find any one at AT&T that has any idea of how to get into the unit or the reference database and insure that my physical location and the location reported by the GPS in the unit match. Until this is done I have NO cell signals and will never have it work again.

What I need is information on how or who to get hold of in AT&T ENGINEERING (not the script reading peon's) to get this problem resolved. It seems that NO one in AT&T has any real idea how to support this item. I have an Associate in Electronic Engineering I want to talk to a WIRELESS NETWORK ENGINEER not a script tech. I may not be the brightest bulb on the tree, but I am like sunlight to snail, compared to the AT&T support staff.

Does anyone know one how to directly contact one or can anyone on the board get hold of one so that we can get this problem resolved. I am to the point of taking this MicroCell physically to the nearest AT&T engineering office and see if it will work in an area without sunshine!!!


Thanks Everyone

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