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Cisco ISE User support

Padmanaban P
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Level 1

In ISE-3355 Platform when we say it supports between 500 and 1000 concurrent users, is it the concurrent user session or authentication or what exactly it is?

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Level 3
Level 3

Hello ,

Basically Cisco Identity Services Engine 3355 Appliance support 6000 Maximum Endpoints,

And 500 per second Profiler Events,

70 per second Posture Authentications.

Thank you.


When i have 1500 EndPoint Base License, How many users can connect or authenticate maximum? Also whether user session or authentication will be considered for the user count?

If you have 1500 endpoints licenses, It can support maximum 1500 authenticated endpoints. Yes, user session or authentication will be considered for the user count

Thanks Saurav. But if the user session is consdiered, does it maintain information about the disconnected users (Session end information??). But in ISE couldnt find any information abouth this


You can use the global search box available at the top of the Cisco ISE home page to search for endpoints. You can use any of the following criteria to search for an endpoint:

•User name

•MAC Address

•IP Address

•Authorization Profile

•Endpoint Profile

•Failure Reason

•Identity Group

•Identity Store

•Network Device name

•Network Device Type

•Operating System

•Posture Status


•Security Group

•User Type

You should enter at least three characters for any of the search criteria in the Search field to display data.

The search result provides a detailed and at-a-glance information about the current status of the endpoint, which you can use for troubleshooting. Search results display only the top 25 entries. It is recommended to use filters to narrow down the results.

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