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Client Excessive Roaming Between APs


Was debugging another issue and uploaded a RadioActive trace from a users session to the Debug Analyzer. 


Noted the client in my trace was Roaming  and forth between BSSSID / APs every couple minutes. 


Cisco 9800 running 17.3.3.

AP: 9130

WLAN Is 802.11x based security. 


The example below was within a few seconds but most roams are every 2-min


Client roamed to a new AP/BSSID: BSSID b811.4b41.0e6b, old BSSID b811.4b41.0d8b, WLAN WLANNAME , Slot 1 AP b811.4b41.0e60, APA488.73A0.5118


Anyone seen this type of behavior or have any thoughts ?

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Flavio Miranda

Roaming is a client decision.  Take a look on the client roaming sensibility. You can tune it and make client less sensible. 

Arshad Safrulla
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate


TAC has changed the recommended code for production networks to 17.3.5a. As Falvio mentioned romaing decisions are taken mostly by the clients. So Client WLAN card and it's drivers have a say in which AP it needs to connect to. I would like to know what type of clients you are mostly having this issue with and the drivers they are using. As a matter of fact most of the WLAN card vendors recommend using the latest driver firmware, unless you extensively test a certain driver in your test bed similar to production. 

I would also check whether FRA is enabled in these AP's to verify these AP's are working in dual 5GHz.

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