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Co Channel Interference - Where to find


Hello all,

i have a silly question, maybe i'm to dumb to find it.

I would like to adjust ceiling mounted access point in a few lecture halls with the help of the "High Client Density Design Guide". In this guide is the hint to check "co channel interference" to eleminate client issues.

And here is my problem. I can't find it, either on the wcs nor on the wlc.I looked at:

Monitor > Access Points > MyAP > 802.11b/g/n

Here are two interesting looking tables:

Channel utilization (%busy)

Noise by channel (dBM)

Am I on the right track? If anybody could point me in the right direction, i would appreciate this.

Thanks a lot and best regards,


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Nicolas Darchis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

There's not an indicator about cochannel interference.

It's about checking that at every given location there are not 2 APs on the same channel.

Hi Nicolas,

thanks a lot for your answer.

But now, i'am still confused. In the mentioned "High Client Density Design Guide"; i have an old version from May 08; is in chapter 3.4.2 "WLAN Configuration Parameters, RRM Parameters" following statement:

If you don't have 2 AP's per channel, statically set the power levels for a starting point of between 5-8 dBm (power

setting 4-5) and use the radio statistics for co-channel interference as your guide.

Where can i find these mysterious "radio statistics"?

Best Regards,


There is an updated hi density doc that was just posted.  Ask your Cisco SE if you can't find it at

I found a scribd link for it on google:

Hi ericgarnel,

thank you for the link to the updated hd guide. I contacted my se a few weeks ago, he said me that the guide is still in a draft version, if it is ready for pubication he will send it to me.

Anyway. I read it very carefully, there a big differences to the old one, the implementation of spectrum experts ap, the stadium antenna,  a different approach to get smaller cells, under seat mounting (funny), etc. But i didn't find a concrete hint to my "hobby" co channel interference. I find at page 33:

The WCS ant the WLAN controller provide accurate reporting on CCI conditions.

Where can i find this accurate reporting?

Thanks a lot and best regards,


You can use variouse means of determing CCI via WCS  

AP TX/RX neighbors & utilization under maps, and  monitoring access points

Spectrum expert can be a huge help in determining CCI.   

Check out the performance profiles under WCS report launch pad. 

Also, on WCS, monitoring:RRM can provide good info too.

I usually refer to the maps for AP util & TX/RX info

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