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Comparison of features in Wireless LAN Controller 2500 and 4400 series??

Hi All.

Can somebody give me the run down on the features removed from the 4400 series in the 2500 series? Obviously 4400 is now EOL, and so i cannot purchase new.  Therefore I was looking at the 2500 for my implementation to save costs also.

I would like to have two SSID's, running seperate VLAN's, one voice, one guest, trunk the link to the AP's, which will be 1131AG or newer, N possibly.  Voice needs to be encrypted with WPA or WPA2, guest needs to be open using the guest access feature.  Here's a sample but with EAP:

Is this supported to have WPA on one SSID and Guest access on the other? i did spot a paragraph in the 4400 manual stating that certain restrictions apply regarding one SSID having encryption and the other being guest mode?

I notice also in the WCS documentation, it doesn't explicitly state it supports the 2500 series under the managed devices section?


Hi  Mberrington,

Here are  some  data sheets  and  product   brochures which  help you to find the  comparisions between  44xx and 2500 wlc .

Now   you  should be able to perfom  or  configure guest and other ssid with  eap authentication.

I am not  sure what restrictions you are talking about , could you  provided the  paragraph or elaborate in detail  the context of what  you read.

4404 data sheet

2500 Data sheet

Cisco Wireless Controllers

Cisco 4400 Series Wireless LAN Controllers

Release notes of wcs  version states clearly that it will recognise 2500 wlc

Look for the  following  lines.

The following components are part of the Cisco UWN Solution and are compatible in this release:

Operating system (Wireless LAN Controller and Cisco Aironet Lightweight Access Point)

Cisco Wireless Control System (Cisco WCS)

Cisco 2500 Series Wireless Controllers

Hope this is  helpful to you.



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