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Configuration Roaming Dbi/QoS/ Ap 1142

Hi everyone

I Have five AP´s 1142 Autonomous and the QoS in roaming are so bad because the IP Phones change the Ap until 75 Dbi.

which causes the call quality is very bad when changing the call is cut ap.

Someone tell me how to configure a 1142 ap autonomous, to make phones roaming the AP with the best signal available, without it hits the end of the last Dbi

Some example ?

some settings?

Thanks for your comments

Kinf Regards

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George Stefanick
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni


Is your wifi design voice grade ? This is not normal operation if the wireless is design correctly. Also qos has no impact on client roaming.

What code is your phones on
Was your wireless designed to support voice and has the required cell overlap

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is voice and data

phone models are 7925

I need is a configuration for the phones to register to have better signal ap but not to exceed the 70 dbi, because the voice works between -40 and -70 dbi , and are not currently doing that ...

so what configuration I should do to the phone or AP´s

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