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Configuring new APs and running out of IP space

As we are configuring our new APs we are running out of IPs for that VLAN. We are configuring the APs from one VLAN and moving them to another. We have thought about deleting leases from the DHCP server but since it's Linux, it seems like a hassle turning off the server, deleting the lease, and then starting the server. We have a 2-hour lease and a Linux DHCP server. Any tips on moving forward?

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Yes same VLAN same SVI but use different subnet as secondary IP. 
that fix the issue of run IP.

Leo Laohoo
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Hall of Fame

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 You can try to change the vlan size by changing the subnet mask, if you are not using the next or previous network. But if you have the option to move the AP to another vlan, as you mentioned, why dont put the APs on that vlan alltogether?

 Button line, this is not a good way to handle an important infrastruture like Wi-Fi. Changing lease time, deleting leases on server.  Apply a solution by increasing vlan size or assigning a new vlan for that mater. Best way to move forwad and not worry about it anymore.

Gaurav  Kansal
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Hi Anthony

You can do some changes like ,increase the ip's using multiple subnet to increase the pool size.DHCP reservation for special critical devices or minimize the unnecessary device. IPv6 is also one of the solution.

You can reduce the lease time less than 2 hrs so that IP add. can be reused frequently and there is no need to restart the server, just restart the  dhcpd service.

Good Luck

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