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Connecting 2 different LAN's to an AP with 9136


I have a network that will be using SSID's for Employee and Guest Access and then a separate hidden SSID for the BAS/EMS network on the same AP.  The AP has two ports.  Do I plug one LAN into one port and the other LAN into the other port? Or should I use the wireless controller to connect the two LAN's and push them out to the AP's?  Also wanted to verify that I could use the same AP to connect my wireless BAS/EMS components. 

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Dustin Anderson

so, normally all data will go through the controller. The WLC will be connected via trunk with all vlans you use for wireless configured. The AP will just be an access port and creates a CAPWAP tunnel back to the controller.

The other way is Flexconnect and would have the AP with the trunk, but both will only use the single port on the AP.

Arshad Safrulla
VIP Advocate VIP Advocate
VIP Advocate

9136 has 2 POE capable 5Gbps mGIG ports to provide power redundancy and LACP bonding. Note - The maximum aggregated throughput is 5 Gbps, so even if the speed from both ports totals more than 5 Gbps, the performance will not be higher than 5 Gbps.

You can connect both the ports to the same switch or switches in the same stack. Unless you have some MLAG capable switches from another vendor connecting ports to different switches are not going to work.

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