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CT5760 Controllers

Level 1
Level 1

Dear Cisco;


we bought Cisco CT5760 Controllers and AP CAP700 

we have one HQ and 13 Branch office

we need to join the AP from remote office to HQ with Flex-connect.


does this Controller support Flex connecet?

How much BW is needed for the remote AP to join the HQ controller?

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Joseph Vasanth Louis
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Gashawgetaneh,

Then 5760 does not support remote AP's. you need to have a 3850 on the branch office.

This controller does not support FlexConnect, so all your AP has to be local mode.

There is two options

1. Use local mode AP and use 5760 as central controller. All your branch AP capwap terminates on 5760 and your WAN link utilize for even branch wireless users talks to each other. In this solution you do not want to have 3850/3650 in your branch.

2. Branch will have 3850/3650 switch which act as MA (mobility agent) and terminate all your CAPWAP tunnels from AP. 5760 can be used as controller for HQ and guest anchor if you have any guest solution. This is similar solution to FlexConnect (as traffic terminates locally) but not exactly same. So featurewise you need to check the IOS-XE code you deploy on your 3650/3850/5760.



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