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Discussion: New WLC based on IOS XE

Hi all


Cisco recently presented new WLCs Catalyst 9800, which are again based on IOS XE.

The main advantage that I could see is this:

High availability and seamless software updates, enabled by hot and cold patching, keep your clients and services always on during planned and unplanned events.


In any case, what is your opinion on the reanimation of the WLC IOS XE system, after it "died out" on the 3650 and 5700 series?


I probably will not get into contact with them for the next 3-4 years, so I'm not that much bothered by having again two completely different software releases for Cisco Wireless. But I still think it's not a good move by Cisco.




Reuben Farrelly

I think the new platform is a great step in the right direction.

Having tried it out I can say that yes, it is quite buggy, but it is basically usable and with some time and a lot of bug fixes will become the platform of choice going forward.  It's pretty good for a first public cut of code.


The WNBU is supporting it and already we're seeing close to feature parity with the 9800 to the exiting AireOS - this was one of the problems with the previous XE based controller.

The other major change is that we are no longer forced to use the Converged Access model.  That was the other major problem.  You can use the new XE controller in Flex mode much the same as the existing AireOS controllers.


The fact that the 9800 is running XE is a good thing, and I think Cisco learnt a lot about what not to do with the last attempt at an XE based controller.  This time they are probably going to get it right.

peiquan zhang


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