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EAP TLS with Multiple Certificate with ACS 5.7

Level 3
Level 3

Hi All,


We are in situation where we have to authenticate two SSID users with EAP TLS authentication and both ssid user will be authenticated by different CA authority. for example one by versign and one by internal CA. is it possible to achieve ? can we use Certificate Retrieval for EAP-TLS Authentication option on ACS to achieve our requirement. We are using ACS 5.7

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Saurav Lodh
Level 7
Level 7

you need to add the trusted CAs in the store, in that case , if two diff. clients with two diff. CAs issued certs , can authenticate themselves.

Thanks for your reply. So you mean it will work i I add CA cert in trusted store in ACS even though one of the certificate in ACS is selected for EAP authentication ??


Please confirm if i understand it correctly. As far as my knowledge ACS can not authenticate user with multiple certificate issued by different CA.

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