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Flexible Radio Assignment - Report in Catalyst Center 2.3.5.x

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Dear All,
after hesitating for a long time we finally enabled Flexible Radio Assignment (FRA) on our C9800 Wireless Controllers running IOS XE 17.9.5 for 5/6Ghz as well as for 2.4/5Ghz.
We remember some 4 years ago when we were still running on AireOS 8540 Controllers FRA didn't work very reliably. It once happened that FRA disabled all our 2.4Ghz radios in a specific building and all IoT devices depending on 2.4Ghz failed to connect to the wifi as a result.
Now with IOS XE and the recommendation by our Cisco Gold Partner we dared to reenable this feature as we have many high density areas where the feature might be useful. Long story short, we were just wondering what your experience has been with FRA on the C9800 IOS XE Controllers. And besides do you know of a way how we can create a report or get some insight into the FRA operations (when / how many and which XoR radios had been changed to another RF band) and a summary report/insight into the total number of 2.4 / 5 and 6Ghz radios in our wireless infrastructure. That would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

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