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Force Mobility Express AP to use router DHCP


Hi All


I've just changed the firmware on my 2802I access point to mobility express, and all appears to be working well.

One thing I'm not sure about is whether the AP is running its own DHCP server and handing out its own IP addresses or whether its using my router's DHCP server.


When I went through the setup process using the 'Cisco AirProvision' SSID, I did enter my router's IP address but I just don't know if it's working as hoped.


Many thanks



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Flavio Miranda
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 Mobility Express is the new autonomous AP, as such it has its own DHCP server. You should be able to see it under wireless setting / DHCP Server.

 You can also use an external DHCP server alternatively.


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Hi Flavio


Thanks for replying.


How do I configure the AP to use the external DHCP?


Many thanks

When you created your SSID, you should see DHCP option at the bottom. Just point to the DHCP server you have. 





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Yes, I remember doing that.


So if I can ping & remote desktop other machines on my network while connected to the 2802i, is it safe to say the access point is using my router's DHCP server?


Many thanks



Not necessarily. Using local DHCP also permit you to have access to different hosts. What ensure you that you are using your router's DHCP is checking if the IP the AP currently use belongs to the router's scope.


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