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Guest Access & Wireless Mobility Controller 526



A customer of us want a professional Guest Wireless Access.

He has two sites which are connected via VPN, and at both locations he would like Guest Wireless Access. Access to the internet is at each site separately, that should also be like this over the Guest Wireless. On each location will be 1 room with guest wireless, so there will be 1 Access Point per location.

I thought of a 526 Mobility Controller Express, and two 521 Access Point LWAPP. My question is now if I can simply install the controller at the main office, and connect to the remote access-point over the VPN for managing and authentication. Or do I need at each location a seperate controller?

Thanks for your inputs!



If you only need 1 access point per site you would probably be better off using autonomous ap's as they are stand alone so don't require a controller.

Autonomous ap's can be converted to LWAPP and back again if required in the future.

If you want to provide open guest access that would be simple enough (I can sugest an example config).

If you require connections to be authenticated you can point the ap to an authentication server or configure local authentication on the ap.

Hope this helps

Hello Chris, thanks for your answer. The customer wants to specify the time which the guest can access the guest wireless lan, so really like a hotspot. I think I can't do that with autonomous AP's? What do you think?


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