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Help with iniital config on first AP1200

Level 1
Level 1

I am trying to configure my first AP1200 (AP1231G-A-K9) and can get the ethernet link up. At first the link would not autonegotiate to my switch so I had to manually set the speed (100) and duplex (full) on the fastethernet0 port. After doing that I was able to get a green light connection. However, I am still unable to connect the device to the network. I assigned an IP address manually to fastethernet0 but it still will not connect. When I do a show ip interf brief the fastethernet0 continues to show prot down and status up. Status and prot are both up for the radio0, radio1, and BVI1 interfaces? When booting the AP I get the following:

Reset done!

link auto-negotiating....

auto-negotiation takes 10000 milli-seconds to complete

ERROR: timeout waiting for auto-negotiation to complete

ERROR: fail to bring ethernet link up

The system has been encountered an error initializing

ethernet port. You may need to check hardware

The system is ignoring the error and continuint boot.

If you interrupt the system boot process, the following

commands will reinitialize ethernet, tftp, and finish

loading the operating system software:




Am I not configuring something correctly or does this sound like a hardware problem? Thanks for any help.


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Level 5
Level 5

You're on the right track, but follow this link and pay particular attention to the part about configuring BVI1 instead of FastEthernet0 with your desired IP address:

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