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John Macko

How to modify RADIUS Servers on a 4402 controller?

I have several controllers, including a 4402 running software and I need to modify the Radius servers that it uses. Currently I have three servers listed;

1 -

2 -

3 -

I would like to delete server 1 which is being retired and replace it with a new server 1. I suspect, once i get servwe 1 deleted, the server 1 option would become available when I create a new server. I went into the controller and disabled server one, but every time I try and delete it, I get the "Server in use either on a specific WLAN or Mesh Radius Server Configuration" error. I can't find anywhere this server is still in service and being used, either by a WLAN or a Mesh. I've tried several different variances to modify this and have run out of ideas. What I hope to avoid is the need to reset the controller. I have a total of seven controllers that I need to make this modification to, and It will be ugly if I have to reboot these units. Hospital mission critical stuff.


Vinay Sharma
Rising star


Are you still facing this issue?



Thanks & Regards

I am,


Product Version..................................

Bootloader Version............................... 1.0.16

Field Recovery Image Version.....................

Turned off all WLANs

Deleted WLAN which used Radius

Nothing,  now doing a recover-config and trying to start over

Saravanan Lakshmanan
Cisco Employee

did you try from cli.

you could disable the decomissioned rad server

are you able to delete other rad server, and or add/create new radius server then you are good for now

WLC>show switch config

May be the config is corrupt on wlc.

backup the config, delete the required radius server, restore the edited config, reboot the WLC, sorry

I had tried disabling all WLANs, deleting the WLAN which used the servers, neither helped.

Tried the same from the command line, which also did not help.

I was not able to change the shared secret for the Radius servers either, which was originally all I had wanted to do.

Fortunately most of my controllers are cookie cutter from one another and I was able to recover-config and copy the configuration of a WLC from a different hospital and change the relevant interfaces and all was well.

Parmanand Patil

I am also facing the same problem, I did not get the solution from above post.

Can anyone help me as I am trying to configure the WLC to add into radius for MGT user authentication & its not working.

At the same time my network user's are being authenticated from radius server's configured in WLC.




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