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ISE 1.2 and MDM integration.

    What kind of device information I can collect by MDM integartion with ISE.              

Ravi Singh
Rising star

You Can collect the below information with MDM integration with ISE 1.2

1. Device Manufacturer

2. Device Model

3. Phone IMEI

4. Serial#

5. OS version

6. MAC address.


Earlier this year I was told that the ETA for ISE 1.2 was April, is there an updated ETA?



Mid-July I believe.

ISE 1.2 is now delayed and is not shipping yet.  We will let you know  when it ships. SNS Appliance with 1.2 software will not be available  until end of August.  Until then, you must order SNS appliance with  1.1.4 and then manually upgrade it to 1.2.  Existing customers with  existing appliances can download 1.2 from the CCO Software Download  page. 

Hello Ravi,

Thanks for your help. I appreciate your knowledge.



ISE  Release 1.2 delivers integration between Identity Services Engine and  MDM platforms, which can ensure that all mobile devices are compliant  with security policy before they are allowed to access the network. This  feature enables posture compliance assessment and network access  control of mobile endpoints attempting to access the network. The  solution also performs ongoing posture checks to ensure that devices  remain compliant and that the correct network access level is  maintained. The specific posture attributes collected by MDM partner  platforms for compliance and access policy enforcement in the Identity  Services Engine are:

• Is the mobile device registered with MDM?

• Does the mobile device have disk encryption enabled?

• Does the device have PIN-Lock enabled?

• Has the device been jail-broken/rooted?

In  terms of global compliance, posture compliance decisions may be made by  the MDM platform instead of the Identity Services Engine. In this  scenario, additional attributes such as blacklisted applications or  presence of an enterprise data container may be checked. The MDM  platform simply informs the Identity Services Engine if a device is in  compliance, then the Identity Services Engine enforces the appropriate  network access policy.

This  integration brings great value to MDM customers as it automates to the  device registration process. As MDM solutions are network-blind, they  can't detect a new device when it connects to the wireless network, so  the administrator needs to send a notification to the users who wish to  enroll their devices. With ISE integration, device enrollment is done  automatically when users connect their device to the Wi-Fi network.

SNS appliances are now available with ISE 1.2 in SNS-3415-K9 and SNS-3495-K9 appliances.

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