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Issue with my ap 1231

Hi to everybody,

i have a cisco aironet AP1231G-E-K9 and as you are expecting it does not work. The problem is that it has not installed it´s Cisco IOS, the status LED´s are red-green-red which means no ios image. We had it working propertly in a client´s placement and suddenly it stopped working. We don´t know what´s going on with it.

When we attemped to enter through console access it does not make any type of response, and the same when we try through ethernet conection. It seemed like it has dead ports. The fact is when i press during 20 seconds more less the mode button at startup, it try to obtain a new ios image from a tftp server, but as there is no alive port it can´t do that.

So, please anybody can help me??

Lots of thanks in advance

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Master

Well if you configured your laptop ethernet port to and connect to the ethernet port of the AP... does your ethernet port on your laptop ever show up?  If it does, then use your laptop as a tftp sever.  Again... hold the mode button down for 20 seconds and release.  The logs should show you what filename the ap is broadcasting for.  Rename you IOS image to what it shows and see if tftp works and your ap gets the image.  If your ethernet port on the AP is bad... well..... nothing you can do unless you have smartnet.

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first of all thanks a lot for your quick response. Yes i configured my laptop ethernet port with the ip address and it does not show up, that´s exactly my problem :).

When i turn on the AP, i can check that the amber and green leds of the ethernet port just switch on for a second and then they switch off for ever. Do you know what this mean?

And, i don´t know if that could help, but i write here the steps my AP make when it starts up:

- DRAM memory test                (Green, -, Green)

- Board initialization test           ( -, Amber, Red)

- Flash memory test                ( -, Blinking Green, Blinking Green)

- Ethernet initialitation test           (Amber, Green, -)

- Association with at least one wireless client device  (¿?)    ( -, Green, -)

- No Cisco IOS image file      (Red, Green, Red)

Look that i am from Spain, and the green led seems so much to yellow, so i obtained a fantastic spanish Cisco AP

Lots of thanks, i appreciate so much your help



If your ethernet port does not become active, then there is nothing you can do since it is broken.  Console into the AP and boot the ap up while holding the mode button for 20 seconds then release..... send me a text file of the log so I can see what the issue might be.

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Hi Scott,

thanks again for your patience and dedication. Well, the console port appears also to be broken. The AP does not report anything, neither it´s name. I tryed also with a partner´s laptop and nothing at all.

So, we must admit that the AP is dead, isn´t it?

Lots of thanks,


I must say so..... hopefully it was good while it lasted

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