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L2 intercontroller roaming with mismatched controller aireios

Steven Shelton
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Level 1

We are in a bind and need to implement a controller using 8.10 and being deploying 9120APs.  The main controller is stuck on 8.5 due the number of older 3502 and 3602 APs.  I've always thought the version of AireIOS on the controllers had to be consistent.   Does anyone have experience with L2 intercontroller roaming with controllers using mismatched aireios?

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Older version the requirements was the wlc to be on the other mobility group but they added some version requirements recently.

Take a look: 

Are you referring to this note on under the heading, Information about Mobility Groups:

Controllers do not have to be of the same model to be a member of a mobility group. Mobility groups can be comprised of any combination of controller platforms as long as the controllers are running compatible AireOS versions. For more information, see the "IRCM Compatibility Matrix for AireOS Releases" section in the Cisco Wireless Solutions Software Compatibility Matrix document.


In the AireIOS compatibility matrix, under the heading, IRCM Compatibility Matrix for AireOS Releases, it shows 8.5.x and 8.10.x are compatible.


We should expect no roaming issues with a 8.5.x controller and a 8.10.x controller? 




This same AP deployment once used two HA pairs of 5508 controllers before we upgraded to the 8540 controller. We always maintained both 5508 controllers on the same release and had no issues with seamless L2 inter-controller roaming.






"We should expect no roaming issues with a 8.5.x controller and a 8.10.x controller? "

That was what I understood.

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