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Migrate Access point from Low controller to a High Controller IOS

Junior Mateus
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Hi EveryBody,

I have actually an old controller, a 2125 ( , with this Controller,  i support almost 19 Acess Point! 

 Recently , we bought a new virtual controller with the Last image ( . So my goal is to pass all the acces point supported by the old controller to the new one.

I have set up everything well on the LAN,  DHCP option 43 hex, the DNS, i have put the Ap on the same VLAN as the New Controller.

I have created a Mobility Group between the 2 Controller and place the New controller as Master of the Group, also force all the Ap to point to the new IP of the new Controller, this is for permit me a less impact  on the migration.

But unfortunately the AP of Controller A ( doenst´register on Controller B (Virtual , here is the message that i receive

"Layer 3 discovery request not received on management VLAN" 

So i spend almost 2 days of troubleshoot change the DHCP option, change the DNS, change Broadcast VLAN, force the IP to the AP with the command "lwapp ap controller ip address" , nothing , the AP still not register.

After that i check the compatibilty Matrix, and it seem link the last version of Controller B just support  this Image of AP


ON my Old Controller i have AP 1242AG with image 12.4(23c)JA6   , so i think maybe it´s the reason why the Old Ap can´t register to the new one

So here is my question:

1. how can i upgrade the AP LWAPP image to the last one eg 12.4(25e)JAP5 knowing that, the Ap are managed by the Controller

2. How can i migrate the AP from the old controller to the new one, any idea will be welcom 

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Try this command in one of your AP

capwap ap primary-base <vWLC_name> <vWLC_mgt_IP>

Pls attach AP console output if above does not work.

Also note that vWLC only support FlexConnect mode APs.



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Sandeep Choudhary
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VIP Alumni


1242 AP last supported version is 8.0.x so it will/canjoin to your new WLC with

You can aldo assign primary/secondar wlc ip and name under each APs HA tab.

Paste the complete log from cisco AP console to find the root cause.

aslo put the output of these commands:

1. sh version from AP

2. Sh sysinfo from new wlc


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