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Native Profiling (WLC v7.6) + Web Auth

Hi All,

I am using WLC 5508 v7.6 and configured local client profiling [http and dhcp] in SSID with Web-Auth only. The profiling is configured to have Apple IOS devices mapped to certain VLAN and leaving other devices like  Windows-Workstation to a default VLAN mapped to via AP Grouping.

This actually works when I am only using L2 (WPA-PSK) as authentication method. But when using L3 Web auth, we can't get the VLAN mapping works. But the device is properly profiled.

It this a limitation of this feature?



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Scott Fella
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The reason for this is that WebAuth is a layer 3 authentication method in which the devices have to associate and obtain an ip address.   You will not be able to set a vlan to a guest user, because they already have an ip address assigned to them.  This is the same scenario when using ISE or any other radius.  You would need to send a CoA and disassociate the device, know the mac so when it attempts to associate again, the WLC will put them on the correct vlan.... doesn't work this way though.



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Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply. So. You mean this is possible when using WLC and ISE?

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