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No DHCP lease over Anchor Mobility Group

steve pearson
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I have an issue with DHCP over a mobility group/anchor which I have set up at my site and a remote site, to allow our clients to roam.

I’ve tried I think everything but I cannot get the remote client (one of our laptops) to get a DHCP address in the terminating Inside-Guest VLAN, from the remote site.

Mobility Group is up and Cisco TAC have verified this (I experienced some issues setting this up over a VPN)


I have checked:

> Fixing an address on the laptop works and you can see the whole network, including a ping to said DHCP server

> Adding DHCP server IP (Microsoft DHCP server, routable from the Inside-Guest VLAN) in to the WLAN and also on the ‘management’ interface the guest anchor

> Ticking the DHCP Required – this forces the laptop to stop attempting to get an IP much quicker

> DHCP Proxy enabled and disabled, now in Global

> Creating a local DHCP Scope on the anchor WLC (named the same as the interface of the anchor).  Interestingly, at one point I saw a leased address on the scope to the MAC of my laptop, however, my laptop still reported a 169 IP.

The Inside-Guest VLAN is OK – attaching a laptop to the VLAN, you get a valid IP address issued

Mobility goes over an IP Sec Site to Site VPN, ip and protocol 97 matched on the crypto (all works with a fixed IP on the client)


All WLC’s are in ‘New Mobility Group’ mode.






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steve pearson
Level 1
Level 1


> The trunk port which the anchor is connected to permits all VLANs.

> IP Gateway/network on DHCP scope is correct.

> Tried entering the DHCP server in the interface config and also tried entering it's own IP address, to try to use local DHCP scope on WLC

> Microsoft DHCP server is used to serve other roaming clients on another WLC Anchor I have, this anchor is in 'Old Mobility Mode' and this one is in 'New Mobility Mode', as this remote site's WLC is operating in this mode.  Therefore I can't use my existing WLC.  However, our DHCP server should be supported and confogured correctly.

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