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Radius problem with WRV210


I'm seeing the same problem as this: but with a WRV210 router running firmware, which is the latest. When a wireless client attempts connection, the router does not try to contact the Radius server for authentication, and can be kicked into action only by messing about with the Wireless Security configuration of the router. It then works until the next reboot.

I use the router as a wireless access point, and only turn it on when needed. I don't know if the problem occurs after some days, as I never run it for that long. Certainly the router never works after powering up.

Clients are Linux and XP, the Radius server is FreeRadius on Debian Linux, using EAP-TLS. The only slight difference from that thread last year is that the Save button alone does not always work, sometimes it is necessary to change something in the configuration and then hit Save. I have a spare SSID set up for that purpose, so I don't mess up the one I'm actually using. I have a firewall log rule set for the Radius ports on the server, and I can see immediately when the router starts talking to the server. Once that begins, there is no further problem.


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