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Same SSID on 2 different networks


Same SSID configured on 2 different controllers, with different passwords, and which are on different network, causes the mobile to remember the password of first entry, and hence cannot connect without forgetting the network and joining again.

Both the networks are layer-3 apart. What would be a better solution?

Configure controllers in primary, secondary, tertiary way??

Is it must required to have Prime to regulate the SSID ?? I will make another test by having same password across both sites, but is it the right way? Will the MAC learned by one controller be learned again by the other?

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if this is enterprise WLAN setup then this is how it works. same SSID but mapped to different subnets. It should not prompt you for password if you are authenticating against AD / RADIUS.

It will help me understand your question better if you can provide answers to following questions:

# Is backend authentication via corporate AD / RADIUS ?

# Is this setup is floor 1 APs to floor 1 WLC and floor 2 APs to floor 2 WLC (or building 1 & 2 setup)

# Do you want to retain the IP while moving between floors and buildings ?


hi Vijaysinh, First let me say thank you for showing the concern.

Yes, Same SSID mapped to different subnets.

#Authentication: We have 2 SSIDs, one is integrated with AD, while other has pre-shared key (for Guests). Both SSIDs are available on different subnets , also both available in HQ and both Branches.

#Branch-1 APs to Branch-1 WLC (Stack of 3560), Branch-2 APs to Branch-2 WLC (Another Stack of 3560), and HQ APs to HQ WLC(5500).
#Retaining the IP is not required.

What concerns us is that, If a guest comes to HQ, gets connected to guest SSID, and then when he goes to Branch-1, he should get connected to same SSID (this time on different Controller) without the need to enter the password again. (assuming that both SSIDs have same pre-share password). (Note that the guest SSID is not integrated with AD). 

what I assume is you are facing difficulty in using Guestnet SSID only at different locations as it is based on PSK. I also assume you do not have foreign - anchor setup.

please provide your inputs.

True that.

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