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Sizing guest anchor controller

Roman Rodichev
Level 7
Level 7

40 locations, around 20-30 APs per location, 1 gig back from each site to the main site, minimizing cost. Trying to size the guest anchor controller. Redundancy is not required. As I understand correctly 4402/4404/5508 controller supports up to around 70 EOP tunnels. My limitation is bandwidth. Is it safe to say that if Internet bandwidth is <100Mbps, then 4402 will suffice? Only if Internet bandwidth was above >1Gbps when I'd need to go to 4404 (bandwidth is used twice, so 1Gbps guest traffic would result at approximately 2Gbps throughput)

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Level 4
Level 4

You could always port-channel a 4402 and use LAG on your anchor controller for 2gb.

I use a 4402-12 for our anchor's as the BW is adequate, and AP license count is not a factor for anchors.

Yes, that's what I was thinking, 4402 is 2gb, and since traffic is anchored the actual throughput is 1gb. What's your Internet connection speed? Thanks!

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