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SNMP config on Access point through controller

I have wism2 running with ,i need to enable SNMP on all the access point connected to controller.

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Hi Renjith,

What are you trying to achieve? In a controller based setup the APs do not support SNMP, you need to poll the WLC for information.


we have third party SNMP server and need to configure the access point.Once its done we can get the informed like (Switch port information , AP name & availability etc).

i could see the per ap having the SNMP

snmp-server community xyz ro

snmp-server host IP xyz

I need global configuration from the controller.

Hi Renjith,

I understand what you are trying to achieve which is the equivalent of what Cisco Prime Infrastructure does using SNMP to the WLC only. Although the commands can be input into the APs, they won't send traps to anywhere but the WLC which then sends traps or can be polled accordingly.


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Thanks a lot for the information

If we have configured the SNMP on the WLC can we get the access point outage(up/down) alert through snmp.

If it possible can you give me the commands


Renjith B

Hi Renjith.
Is that actual problem for now?
Perhaps I'm able to help you.

How to setup the SNMP on the WLC. 


On the WLC for traps:

Management > SNMP > Trap Receivers


For SNMP Poling to the WLC 

Management >SNMP> Communities



Further details and CLI commands in the config guide here:

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