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SSH & Service-port access to 9800 secondary WLC running 16.12.x code

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Reading through all doco and looking at the relevant parts of the CLI / GUI, running 16.12.x I can't find any references on how to

* Access the secondary WLC via SSH

* Configure an IP on the secondary's service-port

Both these can be done in AireOS so this appears to an MVP issue!

In 17.x presumably the secondary can be accessed through SSH using the redundancy-management IP, a la AireOS.

The 16.x HA guide mentions: Once you enable HA and one of the boxes is assigned as active and the other one as standby hot,
by default you are not allowed to reach exec mode (enable) on the standby box. To enable it, login
by SSH/console to the active 9800 WLC and enter these commands:

It doesn't tell you how to access the secondary WLC however but I assume it would be using the session command as on a Catalyst switch-stack. But of course this command doesn't exist on the WLCs. And it wouldn't be useful if you couldn't get onto the primary WLC anyway.

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Scott Fella
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You access the standby either via console or ssh using the Redundancy IP.
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You might want to re-read the post Scott.



 - Before the actions you mention execute step 4 as mentioned here :


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"Enter the name of the Primary Controller and Management IP Address (IPv4/IPv6). Similarly, enter names and management IP addresses for the Secondary and Tertiary Controllers."


"chassis redundancy keep-alive retries retry-value"

How are either of these related to accessing the secondary via SSH?

They are not related to accessing the standby.
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