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tools needed to install Yagi antenna

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Level 1

Reason why I am going to do this is that the pair of aironet 350 bridges have had on-off association. I moved one BR350 at a time to other site and they worked fine. There were several thunder storms two weeks ago and this happens since. I am suspecting that the antenna is damaged. I am going to buy the Yagi antenna (AIR-ANT1949), cable ( AIR-CAB020LL-R), and lighting protector.

1. What tools will I need to install a Yagi antenna on roof top? With all that, what tolls such as screw drivers, wrenches... will I need? Anything such as super glue needed?


2. Will I be able to simply replace the Antenna but not the cable?

3. Anything else to be aware of?


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Level 4
Level 4

Not knowing how the antenna was attached to the roof, I suggest you take a couple of adjustable wrenches in case there are bolts holding the antenna onto a mast, a slotted head (flat head) screwdriver, a Phillips head screwdriver in case the antenna is screwed to the side of the building and some Liquid Wrench or WD-40 in case there are bolts holding the antenna on that might be rusted. You should as well take some sort of COAX sealant to seal the cable connection to the antenna. It is a good idea to replace the cable to the antenna as well, if you think the storm damaged the antenna.

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