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Daniel Castimore

Track number of users per SSID using SNMP on WLC 2504

I am trying to track the number of users per SSID that are connected to my wireless enviornment. I have a number of LWAP 1142 access points connected to a 2504 Wireless controller. I have 3 SSIDs that are used by different user groups. I wish to track the number of users that are connected to each of the SSIDs at any given time. I am currently using Cacti to monitor my network so I am looking for an snmp O.I.D that would help me get this informaiton. I would prefer a counter of active clients per SSID, but could also use a total count of different clients. Any help, I have looked through the standard Cisco Wireless MIBs and haven't found what I'm looking for yet.


snmpwalk -v 2c -c $community $IP_of_Controller | grep -i "ssid name" | wc -l

Hope this helps

Hi there, 

Can anyone please tell me a resource to find template for WLC 2504?

what kind of templates are you trying to find?

If you are looking for cisco Prime templates please refer the following link :

Is it for WCS then you can go to the following link :

Thanks pretty much for the links. Much appreciated, but i needed templates for Cacti, sorry on my part for not mentioning 

I had to create my own templates. But if you are looking for the correct OID it is . Simply increment the number at the end for each SSID. I don't have a well constructed template, otherwise I would be happy to share it.

Thanks Daniel for the reply, i will try this on but it will be also ok for me if you share your template if possible :)


I could find the templates at the following link:

Thanks ahakels but i dont have the model required. Still thanks for the effort.

can you guide me the template of Cacti for WLC 2500, cant find it anywhere.

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