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Tri-radio / Flexible Radio Assignment, disable or enable?

Is anyone else using flexible radio assignment or the tri-radios on the 9130AX? My coworker turns them off because of high density, but correct me if I am wrong, this is supposed to help high-density enviroments?

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Got some 9130ax in production with FRA turned on.  

I can see the micro-radio getting engaged.

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

I think its up to you. I have tried it and also have disabled it. Is there a reason you need it enabled in your environment and if enabled, is it actually helping. They do take up channels, so depending on your environment and your channel reuse, it’s something to also look at. Baseline your environment and then make the change and see if there is any improvements that is noticeable by users or maybe negative effects of enabling it.
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So the issue is he is turning them off before deployment. So we have no real data that they are a problem. I have deployed a multi-floor office with 3802 FRA and there's been no issue. But for the new 9130AXI on AirOS(for now), he turned the secondary 5G radios all off. I usually try to deploy Cisco as it was designed out of box and then make the adjustments if issues are reported. I was just curious how everyone else is handling the FRA and tri-radio in high density. I tested it in a low density environment and the SNR improvement over the 3702 was 66% so just not a fan of deviating from something that yielded a high improvement as such.

If you have them turned off, then you get a baseline when in production. Then you can make a change later and see if there is any improvement or not or if there are complaints. It’s all about gathering data from the users. I don’t have FRA enabled because we have a very high density deployment and have no benefit from an extra radio. Now this doesn’t mean anything, it’s more of an option. You also must understand that features can indeed break things. There is a time and place for everything, but when you upgrade in the future, typically features get broken. Also FRA can work in certain environments but not in others. Proper ap placement is the key.
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