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Unable to push WLAN config changes to all APs

Level 7
Level 7


One WLAN stopped broadcasting on all APs connected to a controller. All other WLANs were still visible.

I saw the following message in logs (the missing WLAN has ID 10)

Unable to push WLAN config changes to all APs, cleanup required for WlanId:10

I found a line in the documentation for Central Web Authentication saying if this happens to reboot the controller but with no real explanation to what causes it. The WLAN in question is not using CWA but the reboot fixed the issue.

Does anyone know what could have triggered this (no recent changes in the configuration)?

Or is there another way to resolve it without a full reboot?

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Level 7
Level 7

Sorry should has said a C9800 running 17.3.3

You may be hitting this

-hope this helps-

Arshad Safrulla
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

17.3.3 is outdated. I would suggest upgrading the WLC to the latest TAC recommended code only if you don't have any Wave 1 APs (x700 series). If you have any Wave1 I would suggest reaching out to TAC as there is an ongoing issue where certain Wave 1 APs cannot download the new software from IOS-XE WLCs as of today 07/12/2022. If you are planning to upgrade the fix is set the date backwards in the WLC, if not TAC might provide you with an engineering release with the bug fix or you may have to wait till the fixed GA release.

Link for the TAC recommendations

Recommended Cisco IOS XE Releases for Catalyst 9800 Wireless LAN Controllers - Cisco

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