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WCS 7.0 AP Audit Report


I have moved some APs from one controller to another.  I notice now that the AP audit reports shows a mismatch between WCS and the WLC.  The attribute that is being reported is Support Encryption and Max Clients.  The Max Clients is an RRM threashold that I am aware of, but I have no idea what setting Support Encryption is or what template to find it.

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Scott Fella
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What version are the WLC's. seems like the WLC's are on the 7.2 which supports the max client.

Look at the compatibility sheet to see hat versions are supported with what WLC code

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Nope.  All WLCs are running 7.0.116.  I have already verified that my WCS and WLCs are compatible as far as software versioning is concerned.  The max clients are the RRM thresholds.  So if you go into a template under 802.11a/n or b/g/n and go under RRM and Max clients, it is just setting the threshhold of how many clients can connect to the radio before there is an alarm.

It is the Support Encryption I have no idea what setting on the WLC that is referring to.

Can you post a screen shot... easier to actually see what it say's.



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Here is the screen shot.

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