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Wifi signal problem

Vibha Verma
Level 1
Level 1


We have multiple ssids configured on WLCC (WiSM on Core switch), facilitated by about 40 1600 series accessPoints.

But the signal strngth varies abnormally with different client devices.

Like if you have  alook at one attached, it is the link test to one laptop connected with an SSID that is allowed for uninterrupted internet access.

Please see the file attached. and any kind of suggestion on this subject would be appreciated.

Thanks a lot!!



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Leo Laohoo
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Not enough basic troubleshooting provided to warrant any investigation.  

I agree here, not enough info.  If your comparing signal strength, compare with the same exact devices.  Of course signal will vary with different devices. 


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Stephen Rodriguez
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

signal strength will vary device to device.


what kind of device is it?

How many SS?

Latest drivers?

Where are the antennas?


for the AP:

what data rates are allowed?

What power setting is it currently at?

Internal or external antenna?

how and where is it mounted?

Was a pre-install survey done to determine optimal AP placements?


there are a lot of variables that contribute to the RSSI/SNR





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Level 4
Level 4

There can be many reasons as per your deployment.


First make sure is all the devices are windows OR Mix [Apple,Windows .Linux etc]


Make sure your Channel [i.e 1,6,9 etc]  don't get overlap with any other Channel in surrounding.


Also make sure your using mix Radio [b/g/n/ac] , and few client adapter working on b and few working on g so on, in this case client link technology works best.


Make sure single strength is same on alll clients or it vary.


NOTE: For testing purpose Make "test SSID"  and sit on single location and take different client devices with you and test them on same place. Make "test SSID" open authentication. And check the result and share.



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