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Wireless adapter support Management Frame Protection

What are the wireless adapters and  compatible with MFP (ccxv5)

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Scott Fella
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I don't think there is a list for these. You just need to search using Google for:

802.11 wireless adapters ccx v5

This will show you some vendors that have specific cards that are ccx v5 but you will have to look through each vendors chart. If you want to see if some of your existing clients are ccx v5 compatible, you can issue from the WLC cli:

show client detail
show client ccx rm status

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I cannot find any CCXv5 certified device. I am testing client MFP and not a single client can join the network when client MFP is requred. Even the new iPhone 7 . . .

Have you ever seen any working client MFP?

I have seen a few in the past, but the main thing is that all devices that would connect to the SSID would need to support it. I never use MFP in any of my installs.


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But this is the only solution of deauth attack , isn't it ?

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