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Wireless Controller in 6509

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I have two core switch 6509, each one has Wireless controller installed in it, whats to know how to configure it for redendency.

Each controlled has 120 AP are configured, wants to know each AP how users are connected and how much bandwidth consuming.

wants to know more about bandwidth utilization.

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Mohammed Shakeel

If you want to see utilization on a given AP, you should look at using WCS, NCS or Prime Infrastructure. If your new to the management tool, WCS and NCS is no longer being sold. Prime infrastructure replaced them.

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What exact model is your WiSM?

If you want to give redundancy to your AP, the simplest way is to configure "High Availability" feature for each AP.


I have checked the WCS the version we have is

AP are configured are 150.

WISM  Software ver what is the latest ver. should be upgraded required.

Please i need help users are facing slowness and taking time to connect automatically.

The WCS and WLC versions are compliant with each others for the time being.

So your issue simply clients are taking long time to connect automatically after disconnetion, right?

In the mean time can you please try

Controller --> General --> Fast SSID change enable

Does the issue happen at a certain  time or is it sporadic in nature?

Does it happen with all of your clients ?

Please have the issue reproduced but before be prepared to collect the output of:

debug client  < mac address of the wireless card >


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Does the issue happen at a certain  time or is it sporadic in nature?

All the time

Does it happen with all of your clients ?

Yes  every one is complaining in our office.

Now i am facing still slow ness issue, how to cheack on each user how much utilizing the bandwidth, can we integrate with Blu Coat for caching purpose.

How to configure High Availibility.

I need trouble shooting guide.


For AP HA check the following please:


You can use througput report to verify how much trhougput is consumed by wireless clients:

Please clarify what do you mean by slowness? slowness in performance while connected , or taking long time to connect.


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