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wireless environment - SSIDs

Can you  facilitate a wireless environment that would be able to securely broadcast other organisations SSIDs and then allow those users to connect to their own networks via their SSIDs .

Scott Fella
Hall of Fame Guru

Don't really understand, but if the machines where part of an organizations domain using active directory, you can push out a group policy to have the machines only connect to a single ssid if you want. You also can set the order of preference since you still want the user to be able to add their own wireless profile for home and hotspots. You secure wireless using various methods available and what is supported by your devices. It's the client devices at the end that will choose what ssid they will connect to and that is where you have to make the decision onto your policy. If users are allowed to bring in their own devices, you have no control. Then it becomes user training on what and how they should connect to the wireless.

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Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Can be done, as what Scott says. 

Creating the SSID is the easy part.  The magic comes to the Security bit where you have to correctly assign the appropriate user authentication server based on the SSID. 

Of course you can have a single SSID (for two or more different corporations) and 802.1x will punt or throw you to the correct authentication server but this is tough work and a lot of knowledge with scripting.

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