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Wireless Lan Controller : 2500 : New to Cisco

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Hey Folks,

Can someone explain to me how I am able to connect to the web management interface on my WLC when the "management" interface is not assigned any VLAN identifier.

So the management interface is assigned with a gateway of and it is on port 1 whic is connected to a port on VLAN 10. My ip address is 10.10.10.x and I am connected to VLAN 10 via my switching. I am able to login to the web interface via

Does the management interface not have to have a VLAN identifier of 10 also?

I am asking this because I wanted to create an SSID that would allow me connect to the management interface but when I changed the vlan id to 10 I lost all access to the device via the web interface and it basically went off line. I had to console in a change it back to 0.

Any guidance would be appreciated.


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Hi Kevin,

What you seen is normal behaviour.

When you set management interface to vlan 0, all packets coming from that interface is untagged (no vlan id). Since your switchport configured as "Access Port" all traffic going out of that port also untagged. 

When you change the management port to vlan 10, then WLC traffic will tagged with 10, but on your switchside, you expect untagged. So communication will break.

What you need is, change the switchport configuration as "Trunk" & then this should work.

Refer this for some other useful configs



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