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Wireless WAN


Hi there,

I am trying to use Wireless WAN as a backup alternative for my T1 connection for accessing internet when my T1 goes down. Has anyone used this technology? Any feedback on how is the speed? any idea which provider is a good option? I am in VA, USA.




Leo Laohoo
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Why not use H-REAP?

Hi leolaohoo,

this is Wireless WAN scenario. It is not Wirless LAN where you can use HREAP.

In WWAN scenario, suppose you have a T1 connection to Internet and your T1 goes down. How do you want to connect to internet without a T1 or any connection to other offices of your company? The common method so far has been having another T1 or an ISDN circuit or PSTN lines or...? I now want to use a WWAN solution for backup.



It depends on how far you would need to go and your bandwidth requirements.

It could be a simple wireless as in WiFi hop for low bandwidth and range depending on LOS or laser for higher bandwidths. It could be satelite uplinks.

It also depends on what scenarios you are trying to protect against.

Then there is WiMAX and variant of that with NLOS capabilities. Unfortunately just saying I want a WWAN solution incase my T1 goes down and I dont want to do something as common as PSTN isnt enough info, also why not just use PSTM or ISDN.

Unfortunately Leos reply would have been correct for certain scenarios but not yours if you explain better you may get better answers.

Hi Petenugent,

I know for fact that I want WWAN. I am not looking for another solution. My question was if someone has used it before? and if someone knows a provider which can recommend.

Of course I want WWAN because other solutions can not do it. The only alternative is the wired network which I do not want to do. Now what is the attraction with WWAN:

If your local loop fails for whatever reason, there is high likelihood that your other wired network can be impacted.

If you have seen these USB air cards, you would know how convenient they are. The problem is that the USB air card is only for one laptop and I need it for an office with 40 users. There are already many providers in USA which sell this service and my question was if someone knew which one is better.

Please look at the following links for more information on what I am looking for.

Here is an example of CDMA with Verizon

chat-script cdma "" "ATDT#111" TIMEOUT 60 "CONNECT"

interface Cellular0/0/0
ip address negotiated
ip virtual-reassembly
encapsulation ppp
dialer in-band
dialer idle-timeout 3600
dialer string cdma
dialer-group 1
async mode interactive
ppp chap hostname
ppp chap password
crypto ipsec client ezvpn ezvpnclient

access-list 1 permit any
dialer-list 1 protocol ip list 1

line 0/0/0
exec-timeout 0 0
script dialer cdma
modem InOut
no exec
speed 144000

It works just fine. This is primary connection rather than backup. I suppose what you would have to do is run gre tunnel  and a routing protocol with the T1 primary and tunnel seconday by manipulating the delay on the tunnel.

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