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WLC 5508 automatically restarting twice in a week



I have very strange issue with my wireless Lan controller. It reboots automatically.

Atleast in week, it restarts once or twice.

If i want to check any historical logs , i can not check since after restarting WLC , all logs will be cleared,

I get the logs from the time it restarts , starting with


I am predicting the issue with temperature setting

right now the Internal temperature is +41 C

How do i check , what is the threshold set for temperature.

can anybody  suggest me anything about this ?

  Cisco Controller  Product Version:


Kindly suggest how to resolve this issue 

Abhishek Abhishek
Cisco Employee

Uploading Core Dumps from Controller to a TFTP or FTP Server

Note This procedure is not applicable for Cisco 2106 and 4400 controllers.

To upload the core dump file from the flash memory of a controller to a TFTP or FTP server using the controller CLI, follow these steps:

Step 1 To see information about the core dump file in flash memory, enter this command:

show coredump summary

Information similar to the following appears:

Core Dump is disabled


Core Dump file is saved on flash


Sw Version....................................

Time Stamp.................................... Wed Feb  4 13:23:11 2009

File Size..................................... 9081788

File Name Suffix........................... filename.gz 

Step 2 To transfer the file from the controller to a TFTP or FTP server, enter these commands:

transfer upload mode {tftp | ftp}

transfer upload datatype coredump

transfer upload serverip server_ip_address

transfer upload path server_path_to_file

transfer upload filename filename

Note After the file is uploaded, it ends with a .gz suffix. If desired, you can upload the same core dump file multiple times with different names to different servers.

Step 3 If you are using an FTP server, also enter these commands:

transfer upload username username

transfer upload password password

transfer upload port port

Note The default value for the port parameter is 21.

Step 4 To view the updated settings, enter this command:

transfer upload start

Step 5 When prompted to confirm the current settings and start the software upload, answer y.


We upgraded to from a week ago along with the FUS, and the controller rebooted itself once the day after, once yesterday, and twice today (or was it three times?). Initially, when connectivity was lost, the ALM button on the appliance was blinking orange and the GUI, SSH, and console were inaccessible. Then it rebooted after several minutes.

We contacted our support provider who performed the upgrade. The support provider told me they put a ticket in with Cisco, and as soon as they told Cisco the symptoms and which software, the rep chuckled (as if he knew the answer), said there was an undocumented bug in the software, quickly reviewed the logs (seemingly looking straight to the resource use), and told us to downgrade to The support provider suspects a memory leak. We have roughly 1000 clients and the reboots have happened during peak times in the middle of the day. The downgrade was performed after most people left and it's been stable so far... we'll see what tomorrow brings.

They should be able to provide you with the bug ID?  Is this with a 5508?  We have some 8510 installs with v8.0.110.0 and have not ran into this issue with a lot more clients.


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If they did, it did not get passed on to me. This is a 5508. We also set up the Bonjour routing if that makes a difference. There are 119 services shown in the Bonjour browser.

I am facing the same issue with WLC  For me it happens only when web-auth is enabled for guest login.  Any work-around ?

We also employed webauth, but did not try disabling it. We downgraded to 7.6.

No, we're still on 7.6. I work at a "private" high school and, between skeptical/impatient coworkers including a rather active teacher's union, it's like walking on eggshells whenever we try to change anything that might possibly compromise the reliability/usability of the network. We're not going to chance it until we know it works correctly. ;-) Then again, we really have no reason to; we can use the 3700 APs we'll soon be getting and we have our Bonjour gateway, which were the 2 reasons for upgrading in the first place.

Wow we are in SAME situation, I work at a school board and I feel your payne for 'when it's time to change anything' ;)

Funny you mention 'Bonjour' because it lighted some bells for me. I upgrade a couple weeks ago but we were not 'live' and still in dev but had no issue with the 8.0.110 code.

But when with went live 'monday' with the first AP / class of students the comment I had from the teacher is that is Airplay/AirServer was not working. I know that there is doc. to get it working with WLC - multicast configs but did not have time to work on it. 

So I wondering if the 'very motivated AirPlay teacher ' by trying multiple times to setup is  AirPlay did not create those reboots??? The time frame seems to fit! I wonder if the problem is not with the WLC badly handeling the Bonjour protocol in the 8.0.110 version.


If you introduced VLANs/new subnets with the new WLC deployment, you will have those issues since Bonjour isn't routable in itself. I discovered this by setting up a new SSID with a new VLAN and the Bonjour did not work between the SSIDs/VLANs. Sure, I'll go with that as the cause of the reboot... I'm not a fan of the Apple products infesting this network. ;-)

Not true if you are using mDNS & LSS feature. We have Apple TV device connected to VLAN XXX and Student connected to VLAN YYY same WLC and Airplay works fine.

Thanks for clarifying that, Abraham. I previously mentioned the use of mDNS (Bonjour gateway in my earlier words) but forgot to mention that that is what enables the routing of Bonjour when VLANs are involved.

Speaking of Bonjour, we have no issues with our iPads (2s or Airs, all with the latest iOS) and on the 5508.

Hi all

I confirme that I have setup the WLC to work with 'bonjour' and it work great with IPAD airs (OS 8.x.x.) on WLC 7.6.130.

I had watched the version release on the Cisco download page for WLC and on tuesday they removed every versions of the WLC 8.0.x.x and put the 7.6.130 as the recommended version, and on wensday they put 8.0.115 as the recommended. 

I wonder if Razmir Masri had any succes with the 8.0.115 and his 900 AP deployement?

Razmir! Are did the 8.0.115 helped?


Hi JP,

Even though I sent a note to Eglinsky, could you please let me know if you tested your WLC ( on IPAD 2 running OS 8.1.2?. Apple TV not working on those devices but IPAD 4 is fine.

I was wondering if there is any additional config I have to change on my WLC in addition to the following in order to enable Apple TV. Importanto to mention that I have not changed anything since initial implementation where the IPAD 2 were running OS 7 with no issues on Airplay until those devices were upgraded to OS 8.

1.-General --- > AP Multicast Mode = Unicast (we are not using Multicast in our network)

2.-Controller --- > mDNS --- > mDNS Global Snooping = Checked

3.-Controller --- > mDNS --- > Query Status & LSS = Checked for AppleTV, Airtunes and Airprint.

4.-WLANS --- > Specific SSID--- > Advanced ---- > mDNS Snooping = Checked and default-mdns-profile being used.

I almost forgot to say Apple TV and IPAD 2 are even connected to the same SSID and I cannot see the airplay. On IPAD 4 different SSID or the same, Apple TV works fine on WLC running

Any suggestion is appreciated. Thanks


Hi Abraham,

For now we use only 'bonjour' (AirPlay) on the same SSID on the same VLAN (subnet /24).

Even tought I've configure it to work across VLANs (mdns) I have just tested it in the same vlan and with IPAD AIR (8.2.x) on WLC 7.6.130.

To make it work on sam vlan, I had to do this:

1. Controller - General --- > AP Multicast Mode = Unicast

2. Controller - Multicast - Enable Global Multicast Mode = checked

3. Controller - Multicast - Enable IGMP Snooping = checked

4. Controller - Multicast - Enable MLD Snooping = checked

5. WLAN - YourSSIDs - mDNS Snooping = checked (with default mds profile selected)  (i not sure if this last option is necessery to make it working in the same vlan.

I have not tested across vlan so I rater not tell you my settings in case they are wrong but I dought it because I use the Cisco procedure :

This procedure is the best I found (for same vlan and across vlans/SSIDs as long as you are routed across vlan).




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