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WLC Configuration | Wireless Device has no Network Connectiity | Packet Tracer Not Working




My Wireless device connected to the WAP is having issues regarding connectivity to the network.

This is what happens.


1.) When using an internal DHCP scope (with DHCP proxy enabled -> cant be disabled), the Wireless Device gets the correct DHCP information but can't communicate with any part of the network including its own subnet (default gateway etc.)

2.) With the external DHCP server, the DHCPOffer packet does not contain any information but the Client Hardware Address is associated with the correct devices.


May I please get some assistance,



Network Setup




Switch Setup



 DHCP Server SetupCapture4.PNG


WLC SetupCapture5.PNGCapture6.PNG


Router SetupCapture7.PNG


Packet Sniffer sniff sniff 1.PNGsniff sniff 2.PNGsniff sniff 3.PNG



The Setup I currently Have:

Packet Tracer 7.3 Download File:

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VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

check your AP mode setting

in local mode all traffic is forwarded (tunneled) to the controller and on the controller interface traffic is dropped onto the configured vlan

-> the switchport to the controller must be set to trunk

if the controller uses internal DHCP, the proxy setting is irrelevant, proxy is like IP-helper to forward to an external DHCP server


in flexconnect(/hreap ) mode the AP drops the data to the vlan configured for the WLAN,

DHCP packets are forwarded by the network to the ip-helper BUT the controller does NO dhcp on the LAN!

only dhcp requests comming from wireless clients!

-> use an external DHCP server instead of the controller, point your IP-helper to this server



Thanks for the response, there is no way to change the AP mode in Packet Tracer from what I can see. The interface pointing to the WLC is set to a trunk with the native VLAN as the management VLAN. We are using an external DHCP server, that is why I believed the proxy config is an issue. I have the configuration which you implied set up with IP-Helper set up but it wont work. In this situation, what would youyr DHCP proxy config be set to?

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